Fast Tip Friday – Create Subfolders Using Excel Macro


Have you ever needed to add the same subfolder to a bunch of existing folders? For instance, let's say you have a list of folders that are named by custodian and you need to add an Exhibits subfolder to each and every custodian folder. This fast tip demonstrates how to automate the task using an Excel macro.

In a previous Fast Tip Friday, I demonstrated how to create folders using a list in Excel.

Download Sample Files

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    • Eliot

      Excellent! Allowed me to create literally over 5000 subfolders in a matter of minutes. 🙂

      • That is awesome feedback, Eliot. Thanks for sharing your results.

        • Eliot

          Say you have 100’s of folders and each folder has different subfolders, how could you create the folders and subfolders simultaneously? Could a macro be created, if each subfolder has subfolders, for example the following doctype_folders: complaint, discovery, motions, and orders?

          Diagram below of the first three folders:


    • Jennifer Weeks-Albrecht

      I’m sorry i don’t see the link for the wording to paste in the module.. how am i missing this?

      • Hey Jennifer – There is a link beneath the video called Download Sample Files. The zip file contains everything you need, okay?