Fast Tip Friday – Create Folders From List in Excel


When we collect and process electronic data from a number of custodians, we usually create a folder for each custodian to store their data. This fast tip will share a shortcut for creating those folders that can save us a bunch of time.

In another Fast Tip Friday, I demonstrated how to create subfolders using an Excel macro.

Download Sample Files

Source: Kel Rollins

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    • Will do, Andy. Thanks!

    • mgolab

      Excellent, Amy. Looks like there is a requirement for a double space at the end of the custodian names?

      We aren’t as sophisticated as using VBA things, however we have a workflow to effectively do the same thing by writing an Excel formulae using the Dos MD command ie for your first custodian (Shery Cushenberry ) in cell A2, our command in cell B2 would be =”MD “&A2, and then we copy all values from column B into a text file and run it as a batch file. The issue of course is that MD won’t behave itself if there are spaces in the custodian name, so we then wrap a double quote delimiter, ie =”MD “&””””&A2&””””.

      You can also nest as many levels as you want – ie if A2 has say “Sherry Cushenberryemailscentral serverworkproject ABC” then the formulae =”MD “&””””&A2&”””” can handle this.

      • Matthew – You probably just freaked some people out with all of that tech mumbo jumbo. Ha! No worries though, I can break down some of this in a future video.

        • mgolab

          The video is a great idea, and the graphics also look great. Another excellent innovation Amy.

          • Thanks as always Matthew! I am so happy you’ve been with me since the beginning.

    • Tony Harvey-jones

      You’re the woman keep bringing on the goodstuff -Very useful tip

      • Glad you enjoyed it, Tony. I’ve got some more good stuff in the works.

    • Erica Nantais

      Sweet- thank you for the shortcut!

    • Joanna Liller Gauthier

      This is so cool. I’m sure I’ll be able to find a way to use this in the future. I’ll be on the lookout for more Fast Tip Friday emails! Thanks!

    • John Crawford

      Amy – Another great example of why you ARE the Litigation Support Guru!!!

    • Lisa A. Morris

      When I get to the point of clicking on the Run arrow icon, I get a dialogue box asking me to name the macro. What do I do here? thanks!

      • Hey Lisa – It should not prompt for a name at the point of running the macro. I’m wondering if your environment is locked down somehow. If you give it a name, can you then run it? If you want, you can record your screen using and send me a link to the recording and I will take a look at it.

    • Good to hear, Lisa. Enjoy!

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    • Sara McGuire

      Thank you! Awesome tip!

    • Keith Orton Wilson

      This and the tip about the sub-folders just saved me literally days of work. Thanks so very very much for be so generous as to share this knowledge outright! You are a God-send!

      • Awesome, Keith! Thanks so much for letting me know. I love to hear success stories.

    • Paulina Castaneda

      this was awesome!!! You saved me a bunch of time! thank you!!! 🙂

    • Jakki Lynn

      Hello, when you went to grab the code to cut and paste into the “module” box, it was not visible on the screen and I don’t know where to get that to cut and paste in the box and succeed in making the folders. Can you please explain that part. Many thanks! 🙂

      • Hey Jakki – In the video itself, there is a popup message (yellow background) that mentions there is a link under the video to download the VBA code. Have fun!

        • Jakki Lynn

          WOW THANK YOU! I saw the popup message this time and found the link to the code. It works great! Voila – all the folders appeared like magic — and it’s so easy. This is very useful. You’re THE BEST AMY – thanks again!! :)))

    • Sonya Y. Harris

      This was great Amy. I also enjoyed the video on creating sub folders This was great Amy. I also enjoyed the video on creating sub folders with a VB Excel macro. You rock! You always have. a VB Excel macro. You rock! You always have.

    • Harpreet Singh

      Will i be able to create sub-folders for the below column A using VB/C#; kindly assist


      • I’ve never tried a path with this macro. Did you give it a try? I did record another tutorial on creating subfolders and there is a link to it on this page above.