Electronic Discovery – Keyword Searches

keyword searches

After electronic discovery has been “processed” and “indexed“, the legal team can then perform “keyword searches”. Although there is much debate in our industry about the proficiency and accuracy of performing keyword searches to isolate subsets of data to be reviewed and analyzed, prior to production, the legal team performs numerous keyword searches, throughout a […]

Four Newbie Successes

four newbie successes

In this article, I would like to introduce you to four people that I am extremely proud of. As you may be aware, getting that first opportunity in litigation support entails many variables, some of which you have no control over, but for some, you absolutely do. Sometimes it is simply good timing. Sometimes it […]

Electronic Discovery – Indexing

electronic discovery indexing

In a previous article on the topic of electronic discovery, I began the conversation about a term we use called “processing”. As I mentioned in that article, the term “processing” encompasses many steps, which can make it one of the most difficult topics to teach to newbies in litigation support. Some of the “processing” steps […]

Resource – eDiscovery Rules for Each State

eDiscovery Rules By State

It is a good idea to get familiar with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, especially as they apply to electronic discovery. In addition, each state may have their own eDiscovery rules. Below are three resources that have aggregated state-level information with regard to electronic discovery rules. Current Listing of States That Have Enacted E-Discovery Rules […]

Electronic Discovery – Time Zone

Electronic Discovery - Time Zones

In a previous article, I began a discussion about processing electronic discovery. One of the decisions we need to make before we begin processing electronic discovery is related to time zone. Most of the software used in our industry to perform processing will require a setting for the time zone. If all of the email custodians are […]

Fast Tip Friday – Create Batch File to Relocate and Rename Files


This fast tip demonstrates how to create a batch file that will copy files from one location to another and rename the files in the process. In this tutorial, I referenced three previous articles: Fast Tip Friday – Using DOS to Create File Listing Fast Tip Friday – Excel Fill Handle Double Click Concatenate – […]