Electronic Discovery – Exceptions

Electronic Discovery - Exceptions

In a previous article, I began a discussion about processing electronic discovery. Another step of the process is dealing with the exceptions. One result of attempting to process all of the electronic files is a list of files that were unable to be processed. We refer to these files as exceptions. The service provider usually incorporates a […]

Appreciation of Significant People in My Life


Have you ever stopped to think about the significant people in your life? Do you find that you are so busy living your life, going through the daily, weekly, monthly routine of managing work and/or family expectations, that you sometimes neglect to acknowledge those significant people that have touched your heart in some way? Like many of […]

Electronic Discovery – Embedded Objects

Embedded Objects

Another aspect of “processing” electronic discovery is our love/hate relationship with “embedded objects”. Okay, it really is more of a hate relationship. This is another example of technology getting in the way of practicing law. Here is the reality: The lawyer collects their client’s electronic documents so they can review them, before producing a subset […]

Critical Thinking Scenario – Create a Nested Folder Structure – Part 2 [Free Resources]


SPOILER ALERT: Before reading this, you should complete the Google Form found in Critical Thinking Scenario – Create a Nested Folder Structure – Part 1. You can’t really learn how to use your critical thinking skills if you simply look at the answers first, right?  😉 Scenario: Remember, our task is to create a nested folder structure for […]