Workflow in Litigation Support

Workflow in Litigation Support

I think some people have a natural eye for seeing the bigger picture. For others, they make a decision without considering how that decision could have an effect on a future situation. I see this happen all the time. When I am teaching litigation support to a newbie, I frequently mention “the workflow”. I was recently […]

Electronic Discovery – Processing

EDD Processing

In previous electronic discovery articles, I discussed the Subpoena/CID, the Identification of Custodians, Collection, Chain of Custody and a Forensic Image. This article is the first of several where I will discuss topics related to the processing of electronic discovery. The term “processing” encompasses many steps which can make it one of the most difficult topics to […]

Fast Tip Friday – Delete First Page of Every PDF File in a Folder


In litigation matters, we deal with a lot of scenarios related to preparing documents for different stages of the discovery process. Many of these documents are in PDF format. There are scenarios where the lead attorney has a justified reason and may instruct a paralegal or litigation support to remove one or more pages from […]

Fast Tip Friday – Using an iPhone to Subscribe to a Podcast


This fast tip demonstrates how to subscribe to an iTunes podcast using the free Podcasts app on the iPhone. There are more and more new podcasts starting up in the legal industry. Use iTunes to search for the ones you might be interested in and then subscribe to them from your mobile phone using one […]

Case Study – Tim Thames


Name: Tim Thames Location: Columbia, SC What kind of work were you doing before litigation support found you? I was a case manager for a corporation managing products liability and asbestos litigation. As a former paralegal with a large law firm, I worked with litigation support review tools like Concordance and Summation to organize primarily […]

Effective Use of Coding Panels

Effective Use of Coding Panels
This entry is Item 2 of 2 in the series Document Review

In our previous article we discussed Preparing to Begin a Document Review. In this follow-up article, we will discuss best practices for the use of coding panels in document reviews. We also continue with our theme of being effective and efficient. Every review tool includes a software feature we refer to as a “coding panel” […]