Seriously, Productions Need Not Be Rushed

Productions Need Not Be Rushed

I have been doing litigation support for a long time. I have worked with many attorneys on many cases. I have worked with many service providers. I know the various processes the attorneys will use to decide which document sets need to be included in the next production set. I have observed the attorneys making promises to […]

Electronic Discovery – Collection

Document Collection

In a litigation matter, after the subpoena is received and the custodians are identified, we begin to collect the client’s documents, both hardcopy and electronic. The document collections may be handled by the client’s IT staff and this can be a little concerning if the IT staff does not understand electronic discovery protocols. It is better […]

I Quit My Litigation Support Job

The Start of a New Journey

Have you ever felt destined for something else, but you are stuck where you are? For the last 3 years, I have been involved in what I have referred to as “my 4 jobs”. Job 1: Working full-time in a litigation support role at a law firm in Washington DC. Job 2: Working in a management position […]

Last Viewed Fields in Your Document Review Database

Searching for Documents

One of the best practices in Legal Project Management (LPM) is demonstrating to the legal teams how we techies can add value. We were having a team meeting related to a case that had a large document database in Relativity. The legal team had several concurrent sub-projects for this matter. The attorneys were teamed up to resolve […]

Regular Expressions – Searching for SSN Numbers Across Text Files

Regular Expressions

I believe that the best way to learn litigation support is by working through real-life, on-the-job scenarios. This article is about a scenario that landed on my plate a few years ago. In a previous article, I talked about the importance of creating cheat sheets in litigation support. After I figured out a solution to […]

From Practicing Attorney to Litigation Support Professional

Practicing Lawyer to Litigation Support

Transformation:  From Practicing Attorney to Litigation Support Professional, or How to Reprogram Your Brain in 5 Easy Steps (Okay, Not Easy and Not 5, But Worth The Bumps In The Road!) by Diane Enoch-Poling, Esq. The year was 2003. Do you remember where YOU were? Here’s some context: Rapper Eminem won the the 30th Annual […]

Litigation Support Database Coding

Paper Files

One of the terms we use in litigation support is “coding”. Coding refers to putting information into database fields (which we refer to as “populating”) manually, one document at a time. There are some service providers that provide this service. They have a room full of “coders”. We pay them per document to complete the […]

Learning Litigation Support [Free Resource]

Learning Lit Support Chklist

There is a steep learning curve to learning litigation support. It is like entering another world. We have our own way of communicating. The technology references can be overwhelming. As I described in my article series “What is Litigation Support?”, there are many facets of the job. In addition to learning the industry, the role […]

Electronic Discovery – Identification


After the subpoena is received, there is a constant stream of activity between the attorneys, the client in-house counsel and the opposing counsel. Litigation Support should be involved at some level during this stage. The attorneys will discuss the subpoena requests with the client and begin to identify potential people (custodians) that will be able […]

Tools of the Trade – AutoCAD Viewer

CAD Drawing
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Every once in a while, an electronic document collection will contain DWG files. These are AutoCAD files or CAD drawings that architects design. If the attorneys need to review these files, they will need special software. Years ago, I purchased a single user license of Autodesk AutoCAD software. However, eventually they released a free viewer called […]

Electronic Discovery – Subpoena or CID


At the beginning of a litigation matter, a subpoena is received. The official name is Subpoena Duces Tecum. In addition to a subpoena from a government entity, there might also be an accompanying document referred to as a “Civil Investigative Demand (CID)” or a “Request for Information or Assistance“. A litigation support professional should always request a […]

An Advantage of Former IT in Litigation Support

An IT Advantage

People that transition from IT to litigation support have an interesting advantage. I have noticed it time and time again. Much of the technical work we perform in litigation support can be repetitive, step by step, “just get it done” tasks. However, some technical work can be trial and error. Some examples would be: 1. […]


The Elements of User Onboarding

I could not put this book down. Yup, I recognize what a geek I am. But seriously, I have been a trainer most of my adult life whether or not I had that job title. I have been helping users learn software at every turn. Training is one of the 8 careers within a litigation support career.

This book, by Samuel Hulick, really spoke to me. He makes so many good points about setting up the learner or user for success. That is important to me. Since I am currently in the process of designing online courses for LitSuppGuru, I took a bunch of notes to make sure I implement some of Samuel’s common sense suggestions.

Take a look at the book (and his “teardowns”) at Samuel’s website and let me know your thoughts.