How Data In The Cloud Will Affect eDiscovery

How Data In The Cloud Will Affect eDiscovery

Cloud computing is taking off at a meteoric rate. More businesses are moving to services such as Microsoft 365, Google for Work, or Dropbox to store their business documents and email. Cloud computing offers security, redundancy, and ease-of-use that few internal IT departments can match – all at a lower price point. No wonder the […]

Case Study – Jon Canty


Name: Jon Canty Location: Washington, DC What kind of work were you doing before litigation support found you? I was doing desktop support to pay for school. It was a win95/98 environment when I started so there was much suffering for both users and administrators. How did you get the opportunity to join the litigation […]

Preparing to Begin a New Document Review

Document Review - Prepare
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You have collected, culled, categorized, analyzed and still have thousands and thousands of documents left to review. The document review attorneys are ready and all that needs to be done is to determine relevance, privilege and confidentiality. Below we will discuss how to make certain you have prepared the review instructions and given the reviewers […]

My Lit Support Mate, Matthew


Two people. Both have worked in litigation support for many years. They live about 9,800 miles apart. They have a 14 hour time difference between them. They met online. No, not on one of those dating sites — they met because of this Litigation Support Guru site. One of the most wonderful things about starting this site […]

Tips for an Effective Custodian Interview


A case comes across your desk, your mind immediately jumps to what are the key issues and keywords that will help you identify responsive documents. In reality it’s not you who possesses the clues needed to locate this relevant information, it’s the custodians involved in the case. Interviews with these custodians should be the first […]

Case Study – Evan Benjamin


Name:  Evan Benjamin Location: Philadelphia, PA What kind of work were you doing before litigation support found you? People do not believe the path I took to get here – I was an accountant who jumped into computer networking, and then I jumped into computer forensics, and then I jumped into e-discovery and litigation support. I […]

An Index Disguised as a List

Index Disguised as a List

A while back I wrote an article entitled A Text File Disguised as a Load File. It is the most read article on this site. Why? Because as the article states, there are many overlapping meanings for the same term and it can be tricky for a newbie to learn all of the terminology we use […]

Moving from Reactive to Proactive E-Discovery

Reactive Proactive

While e-discovery is by nature a reactive process, legal teams can – and should – be leveraging their data for strategic legal purposes. Ideally, defense counsel should be able to determine within the first 60-90 days of the matter: (1) If there’s merit to the complaint (2) The likely scope of the e-discovery parameters (3) […]

Fast Tip Friday – Create Full-Text Index Across Multiple PDFs


This fast tip will demonstrate how to create a full-text index across folders and subfolders of PDF files. This enables the user to run searches across all of the PDF files at once, including bookmarks and comments if desired. In last week’s Fast Tip Friday, I demonstrated how to use an index to increase search […]