Fast Tip Friday – Using the Windows Snipping Tool


This fast tip demonstrates how to create screenshots using the built-in Snipping Tool in Windows.

In a previous Fast Tip Friday tutorial, I demonstrated how to use the art of rubber banding.



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    • mgolab

      Almost 100% of my screenshot action is via email, and so over time, I’ve moved away from snip (which is a great tool), to instead utilising the insert – screenshot – screen clipping from within Outlook.

      I find that there are less hoops to jump through by doing it directly from Outlook. Another is Jing which in addition to clipping has some easy annotation stuff like arrows and stuff – apparently the young folk in the team think arrows are important.

      • Hey Matthew – I will check out the Outlook screenshot option and maybe do an FTF on it. Thanks for the heads-up. Personally, I have been using SnagIt almost 20 years. And yes, arrows, rectangles and circles are the bomb when trying to explain something to an attorney via email. Ha!