Fast Tip Friday – Remove Duplicate Rows in Notepad++ Using TextFX Plugin


This fast tip demonstrates how to remove duplicate rows in Notepad++ using a plugin called TextFX Characters. Notepad++ is a free text editor.

In a previous tutorial video, I demonstrated how to delete duplicate lines using TextPad.


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    • mgolab

      Interesting. I’ve slowly been tinkering with Notepad++ instead of Textpad – largely due to the fact that N++ can handle larger data files. One slightly alarming thing I’ve noticed is that N++ will always reopen any file that was open when you closed it – ie unless you specifically close a file it will be there when you launch N++ again.

      We’ve also found that N++ has some greater capabilities in regards to global find and replace across a directory structure than Textpad has.

      Using it for finding data (find but not replace) across a directory structure is quicker than Textpad too, however the output isn’t as easy to use as Textpad.

      • Thanks Matthew. I too am hoping to familiarize myself more with NotePad++. The extensibility of the plugins is attractive to me. I also noticed that it opened the previous file, but I assumed there is a way to turn that off. Good to know that you’ve already tested a few features against TextPad. I appreciate you sharing.