Which Profile Are You?

Which Profile Are You

The Litigation Support Guru platform is directed towards any of the following scenarios.  It could be referred to as your “Profile“.

Which Profile Are You?

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Profile 1

You are currently working in litigation support, but you feel that you need more mentoring or education in the litigation support field.

Profile 2

You are currently a paralegal, but you have decided that you would like to switch to litigation support instead.

Profile 3

You are currently a paralegal that works for a law firm that does not have a dedicated litigation support staff.  This consistently puts you in the position of having to do litigation support tasks.

Profile 4

You are an attorney that no longer wishes to practice law.  Perhaps you have more of a desire to work with the technology side of litigation matters.

Profile 5

You are an attorney that just finished law school and/or just passed the bar and you already know that you would prefer to work in litigation support instead of practicing law.

Profile 6

You are currently an IT professional working in a law firm, but you are curious about working in litigation support and working closer with the legal teams.

Profile 7

You are currently an IT professional working outside of the legal industry, but you are curious about working in litigation support or someone has recommended the litigation support field to you.

Profile 8

You are currently a legal secretary power user, but you are curious about litigation support or someone has recommended the litigation support field to you.

Profile 9

You are a fairly new college graduate and you are not yet sure of your career path.  You are curious about the litigation support field.

Profile 10

You are a programmer working in the legal industry or outside of the legal industry and you are curious about the litigation support field.

Profile 11

You are currently working at a service provider in the legal industry and you need to learn more about “A Day in the Life” of litigation support to either provide a better bond with your clients or to enhance your technical skills behind the scenes.

Profile 12

You are currently an IT professional working in a legal department of a Corporation and you're interested in learning more about the litigation support field.


Do you fit a different profile that I haven't mentioned? Let me know in the Comments section below.


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    • John F.

      Need to add a profile for folks on the vendor side.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks John! I added a Profile 11.

    • Philiphallquist

      Need to add profile for paralegals who are Profile 2 or Profile 3 but who are not working but want to?

    • Chseekell

      How about a profile of an IT professional working with the Legal Department at a corporation doing Legal Holds, eDiscovery, etc. This doesn’t fit Profile 6 or 7

      • Anonymous

        Yup, sounds good to me. I’ve added a Profile 12 to the article and to the Poll. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Diana Orozco

      I am a paralegal recently acknowledge as Litigation Support Manager; I have paralegal responsibilities supporting three partners in medical malpractice; and I have IT responsibilities as well as Litigation Support. ?? What profile is that ???

      • Anonymous

        I would go with Profile 3 (Paralegal and Lit Support). IT and Lit Support are often combined in small firms. Sound good?

    • Chris McDowell

      What about a profile for an IT/lit support professional, working in a litigation (or practice) support department of a law firm.  My official title is “Director of Litigation Technology”.  My tasks include not only support with ESI and doc review, but also trial support (electronics in the court room, war room set ups in hotels, etc…).

      • Anonymous

        Sounds like you are already in litigation support so that is Profile 1. Litigation Technology is just another way of saying litigation support. Trial support is included in litigation support too. The fact that you’re working within a practice really enforces that you are litigation support. Sounds like a cool position. Thanks for asking!

    • Sherry

      I spent about twenty years in IT in higher ed where I was heavikly involved in system implementations and ongoing technical support.  About 18 months ago I earned a post-Baccalaureate certificate in Paralegal Studies at an ABA-approved school.  Since then, I have been banging on all sorts of doors to transfer all those IT skills and paralegal education to a litigation support position.

      • LitSuppGuru

        Sherry – Please e-mail me offline and let’s see what we can do.

    • David in FL

      I’m a veteran attorney no longer in active practice and have worked the past four years doing legal document review on a contract/temporary basis. I’d like to get a permanent job in litigation support.

      • LitSuppGuru

        Hey David – You’re not the first document reviewer to get that inkling. In fact, one just finished the Georgetown Advanced Lit Tech program and I have recommended it to other local people. You’re going to need to take some steps for it to happen. Read through the material on this site and subscribe so you can keep in touch.

    • I am a certificated paralegal who does records management.