What They’re Saying

I have to start by saying that I owe most of my professional success to Prof. B. Not only that she was a source of inspiration, but she was, and still is, an excellent mentor and professor. Prof. B's knowledge of the field, passion and dedication to Litigation Support / eDiscovery were very inspiring to me. Organization, clarity, patience, and promptitude are only a few skills that characterize Prof. B. Due to her many examples, clear instructions and hands-on assignment experience, the material was easier to comprehend, retain and further apply in other projects, job interviews and/or at work. Additionally, her support and help outside of her class are proof that she cares about her students and that she wants them to succeed. I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to learn from the best and fortunate she was/is willing to share her knowledge.” ~Alexandra Gaspar Tomuta

Amy is one of the hardest working, most dedicated people I know. As my instructor at Georgetown, she was meticulous about the lessons she would prepare, and delivered them with enthusiasm and a level of detail that managed to capture the wide range of students in our classroom – simple enough for those unfamiliar with technology to grasp, but with enough depth to keep the more advanced students engaged. Amy brings an energy to the classroom that keeps her students on their toes, enjoying class while taking in and retaining large amounts of information. The interactive nature of her teaching style is ideally suited to the subject she teaches, technology, where hands on learning provides her students with the opportunity to learn by doing, and thus retain the skills and knowledge Amy imparts to them. I enjoyed studying with Amy, and learned a lot from her.” ~Lisa Hoeksema

I learned more from you in the last 2 months than I did in 2 years at my last firm.”  ~Former team member

Professor B is amazing! She is one of the most selfless advocates for those folks who are starting their careers in the litigation support field. In addition, she is a consummate professional and thought leader in her field. Georgetown Paralegal is lucky and blessed to have her on our team!” ~Kelly Holdcraft

Amy is one of those people you meet once and know that she can be a resource in the future. She is not only organized but informed on so many different topics of e-discovery. She's always been a resource I trust for a timely and accurate response for anything I can think of to ask. I've always been able to come to her with an “outside the box” solution that she can offer more information on. She's also great at taking a very technical issue and putting it into terms others can understand. I have plenty of resources for e-discovery, but Amy is one of my most trusted.”  ~Kisha Lopez

Amy is a fantastic, knowledgeable, and effective technical support specialist, and more. She helped to train a group of colleagues at both basic and advanced levels, and Amy's guidance was invaluable. She's a true pro and, on top of all that, a wonderfully nice person as well.”  ~Lee Plave

Amy was amazing to work with while she was the litigation support manager at Mayer Brown LLP. Her expertise in the eDiscovery realm is second to none, and she was very good at communicating information about eDiscovery to people at all levels. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Amy in the time that we had together, and look forward to our paths crossing again.”  ~Peter Bennett

I've had the pleasure of working with Amy on and off for over 10 years now. I can say that my interactions with her have proven that she undoubtedly knows her craft very well. There is a short list of individuals that I know exactly what to expect in terms of quality and accuracy in their work and Amy has been on my list since our first project. She understands the industry very well and is able to provide candid, substantive and insightful feedback whenever I needed it. I appreciate her ability to identify potential problems before they become problems as well as identify and implement solutions once a problem is found. I look forward to working with her for years to come and will not hesitate to contact her whenever necessary.”  ~Scott Minning

Amy was my mentor in the litigation support industry. She took a chance on me and hired me right out of law school. At that point, I had no litigation support or litigation technology experience. She transferred her knowledge to me and was instrumental in building the foundation for a fantastic career in eDiscovery. Amy's passion for this industry is “second-to-none,” and she is constantly spreading the good news about our industry to others. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to work with her and learn from her.”  ~Jamie Berry

Amy is one of the most knowledgeable litigation support professionals that I've had the pleasure to work with in this industry. Her work ethic and professionalism is superior to most. Amy will not ask you to do something that she hasn't already done or is not willing to share in the burden of accomplishing the most difficult task. She is an awesome teacher, patient adviser, and a well-spring of knowledge.”  ~Sherry Rather

I have known Amy for about 12 years, and I've had the opportunity to collaborate with her in a number of instances throughout my career. Simply put, Amy is a cut above ! She's relentlessly innovating the eDiscovery space and continues to be one of the most respected minds in our industry. Never looking for the easy way out, Amy challenges the minds of not only the lawyers within her firm, but everyone that has a part in each and every one of her matters. A leader, an innovator and a friend, Amy is someone I enjoy and respect tremendously.”  ~James Bickley

Amy is the kind of person you simply point at a problem and watch it get resolved. I brought her onboard Piper, when litigation support was still more art than science. Amy built processes, technology and a team that really strengthened the Firm's capabilities. Amy is smart and energetic. She tackles problems with vigor and is always learning. She's a great person to work with, and I would love to work with her again.”  ~Warren Jones

It was a privilege to work with Amy. Under her mentorship, I was filled with challenges and guidance in eDiscovery. She led by example and has a work ethic I have yet to see matched. My fondest memories are of us working together well into the night on various productions and deadlines. She was always available for questions and filled with solutions. I would be more than honored to work with her again.”  ~Renee Lloyd

Amy introduced me to the world of Litigation Support at a crucial time. I was embarking on a huge class action litigation that involved thousands of plaintiffs, their medical records, multiple law firms, and a large team of nurse paralegals. Amy showed us how we could store, search and manage all of the data in one central location for the lead attorney to access for mediation preparation. I will forever be thankful for her knowledge, hard work, and attention to detail. Without her patience and persistence, my career would not have headed in the direction that it did. Thank you, Amy!”  ~Ruth Katz

I had the pleasure of first meeting Amy at a conference where she was a featured speaker. From then on, I have known her to be an expert in litigation technology and support. I have often sought out her guidance and opinion and she has always been most generous with her knowledge. I have also worked with Amy while we were both members of Women in eDiscovery. She is a natural leader and a well-respected member of our industry.”  ~Pamela Fontaine-Peters

I had the honor of serving with Amy on the board of the Washington DC Chapter of Women in eDiscovery “WiE” four years ago. Not only was Amy a competent chapter leader for the newly founded organization but also served as a mentor for me as a successful female in our industry. She has remained an active board representative of WiE and continues to serve as a role model nationally to many of the members. I look forward to the day when we will work or serve together again in the future!”  ~Jackie Flynn

When is comes to legal technology and its processes, Amy Bowser-Rollins is a wealth of knowledge. A thorough and patient teacher to hundreds of legal professionals, she is the “go-to” person for questions and the right answers.  I have invited Amy to be a speaker numerous times for national conferences. She has never let us down. Her presentations are thorough and cutting-edge. She leaves her audience with great take-aways, valuable information and solutions to problems. If you are seeking a professional who is a leader in the field, seek out Amy Bowser-Rollins. You won't be disappointed.”  ~Chere Estrin

Amy Bowser-Rollins is a knowledge leader in the Washington, D.C. area for e-discovery and litigation support applications and litigation support. I have had the pleasure to work with her over the past 8+ years and find her to be very detailed oriented, clear with her project goals and objectives, has a keen interest in understanding and learning new technologies within the e-discovery industry, and fun to work with. In a market saturated with e-discovery solution providers, Amy bases her decisions on the selection of these providers on an extensive evaluation process and how these providers can best serve the needs of the clients her firm supports. I have always respected Amy for seeking out ways to reduce outsourced discovery by vetting and adding internal solutions. I highly recommend Amy and would hire her to my team in an operations or leading management role if I were in the position to do so. She simply is one of the best!”  ~Greg Hudson

Amy is terrific to work with both substantively and in personality. She is very skilled at her area/specialty and is very hard-working and trustworthy.”  ~Heidi Levine

Amy is a truly dedicated professional who will always go above and beyond to assist and manage a project. I had the pleasure of working with Amy for several years. It did not matter how large or small our litigation project was, Amy always took the time to develop a plan that provided the best results for our clients. I look forward to working with Amy again.”  ~Lois Cowin

eDiscovery is difficult to manage from a technical, pricing, attorney relations and logistics/planning perspective. Amy is one of the rare litigation support professional who handles all four perspective as if they are a natural extension of her personality – and they very well may be.  I have always been impressed with Amy's professionalism and competence, but her ability to successfully manage eDiscovery projects is truly incredible.”  ~David Carns

Amy has a deep and well rounded understanding of the legal industry. Her technical skills around best practices for eDiscovery give her employer a major competitive advantage. Amy's also a joy to work with. She encourages her team and vendors with constructive and positive feedback. Highly recommend.”  ~Andy Wilson

I have worked with Amy in various capacities over the last 7 years and feel confident in recommending her strongly to any potential employers or employees. She is a capable project manager who is one of the few who can strongly advocate for her client while remaining fair to the vendors supporting her. She has proven to be ethical in business dealings and capable of working with widely diverse teams. Amy has earned the respect of many of our peers through her leadership and mentoring of colleagues. I truly enjoy working with her and recommend her without hesitation.”  ~Ken Marchese

I am very happy to endorse Amy after working with her extensively over the past two years as one of her preferred e-discovery vendors. She is a fantastic, detail-oriented project manager with a thorough knowledge of litigation support. Her feedback to our company has been invaluable. Finally, Amy is a great person and I truly enjoy working with her.”  ~Vipul Rajpara

Amy is an eDiscovery expert who knows how to pull together the complete litigation support value chain and deliver a custom crafted eDiscovery solution for each of her clients. She is not someone who is simply uses her best judgement, but she is also drawing upon years of eDiscovery experience for each project.”  ~Vishal Rajpara

Amy combines deep expertise and historical knowledge of electronic discovery with an open mind and ability to see new possibilities. It has been my privilege to rely on her knowledge and insight over the years, and I know that I can always rely on Amy to give thoughtful feedback that will help me approach a given challenge in a manner I may not have, otherwise. As e-discovery continues to evolve, leaders like Amy are more essential than ever.”  ~Patrick Murphy

Amy and her team gave me the knowledge to get where I am in my career.  In 2003 I was starting out in the Litigation Support field and the only person working at Drinker Biddle in Lit Support. I hardly knew anything about the job but was willing to learn. Over the course of 3 months, she and her group fast-tracked me in the learning process and when my new manager joined the firm — I was well on my way to knowing my new job.  Thanks to Amy for having the great training tools which started me on my way!”  ~Kristina Lengel