What is Litigation Support? Trial Presentation

Trial Presentation

A career in litigation support encompasses multiple careers. This series of articles will describe how each plays a part in litigation support.

Overall, litigation support can be described as:
We assist litigators.
We speak and translate geek.
We work with litigation discovery, primarily in electronic format.

One of the careers within litigation support is Trial Presentation. In this role, we help litigators prepare for trial and we assist them during the trial. There are many logistical aspects in preparing for a trial that will make the use of technology in the courtroom.

For instance, all of the exhibits, video clips or audio clips are prepared using trial presentation software. The two most popular software products are TrialDirector and Sanction. There can be many hours of preparation time creating annotated versions and callouts of items the attorney plans to present at trial, as well as presentation rehearsals.

Other aspects of preparation can involve coordinating logistics with the courthouse, setting up a war room at a location near the courthouse and preparing backup copies of all documents, databases, etc. so the legal team can function without internet access if it becomes necessary.

This role can be an exciting one because you get very involved in why the litigation case exists in the first place and you get a lot of exposure to the parties on both sides. However, you must be able to handle stress well because everyone on the legal team has a heightened level of stress during the trial phase because everything is on the line on behalf of the client.

Here are some photos of a mock electronic courtroom to give you an idea of how the technology is set up.

Electronic trial 1Electronic trial 2Electronic trial 3Electronic trial 4

Below are videos describing the use of Sanction and TrialDirector.

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    • LFrog1386

      I can see you put a lot of time and effort into this and I definitely want to explore it further when I have the proper time to give it my full attention. Thanks so much for your hard work in putting this together from which the rest of us can learn!

    • Litigation Writer

      I’m writing a white paper for a major litigation support company, and would love to hear your thoughts on Trial Presentations – best practices, etc. I’ve emailed you as well. Hope we can use you. Thanks!

    • Malcolm

      This is what I’ve been doing for the past 8 years and I really enjoy it. If you’re lucky enough to get the lead atty/partner to practice with you or prep a witness prior to their testimony, things will go much better than not. Unfortunately, many partners don’t make time for this and think it’s just a mission of, “Click on the document or image and it will appear on the screen. What’s to rehearse?”

      • I would to love to chat more with you about this niche within litigation support, if you have time. Shoot me an email.

        • Malcolm

          Happy to but I don’t see an email address anywhere…?