What is Litigation Support? Marketer and Speaker

Marketer and Speaker

A career in litigation support encompasses multiple careers. This series of articles will describe how each plays a part in litigation support.

Overall, litigation support can be described as:
We assist litigators.
We speak and translate geek.
We work with litigation discovery, primarily in electronic format.

Two careers within litigation support are Marketing and Speaking. The marketing aspect comes into play because we usually need to market our services to the attorneys. We need to remind them that we exist and what services we can provide.

One way that we can market the litigation support department is to schedule a presentation to a particular practice group. One thing I used to do is get on the agenda for an upcoming monthly practice group meeting. They are meeting anyway and lunch is provided. I would give a 30 minute presentation and answer any questions they might have. The presentation would discuss the types of services and the types of software that are available to them as well as the consulting we can provide.

One year I got permission to attend the litigation retreat which was off-site at local resort. It was a weekend event. All of the litigators in the firm were coming together. We scheduled a mini-tech show that included educational panels, including some litigators that had used our services. I also arranged for a large room full of service provider booths. The attorneys could walk through and ask any questions they had.

We are always marketing our services whenever we can, in small ways, like dropping in on a partner in their office and asking how their cases are going. In listening to the types of cases the legal teams are working on, it can provide an opportunity to mention how we helped another legal team with a similar case. Basically, staying in front of the litigators helps our business. At my small firm right now, when we moved our office into a more central location in the firm and we starting getting more business. Sometimes the attorneys can forget we exist, especially if they've never used our services before.

Another avenue I took at one time was that I got on the list of orientation meetings with new litigators that joined the firm. Typically, their first two days consist of meetings with Human Resources, Accounting, the Librarian, etc. I got the opportunity to tell them during their first week at the firm what services we provide.

In terms of speaking, some of the examples I provided above will require the litigation support professional to speak in front of a room of people. This can be nerve racking if you're not used to it. But it is the best way to get practice before you speak at an industry conference one day. The other way that speaking skills comes in handy is when we are asked to attend an in-person meeting or a conference call with the client. We must be able to articulate well and sound confident.

Do you have any other ideas for marketing the services of your litigation support department?

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