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Tools of the TradeIn Litigation Support, we work with database load files almost every day. The various types of text-based load files contain information about documents or file paths and file names that will link database records to corresponding images of the document. The databases are used by the legal team to review documents and categorize them during the discovery phase of a litigation matter.

One of the tools we use frequently is a free tool called iConvert. This tool was created many years ago by a software provider for the litigation support community. At a basic level, the tool simply converts one load file format into another format. For instance, if you have received an imaging load file for the IPRO image viewer (an LFP file), but you actually need an imaging load file for the Concordance Image viewer (an OPT file), iConvert can do the conversion for you. As shown in the image below, there are many conversion formats available in this tool.

A feature of iConvert that we use occasionally is the Image Verification option. We can point it to directories of image files and it will check to make sure that each individual image will open.

Another feature of iConvert is the LFP conversion. If there are metadata fields provided in an LFP file, this feature will convert those metadata fields into a DAT file that can be loaded into a Concordance database. Several of the imaging load file formats can provide metadata fields in addition to file paths to image files.





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    • Paul Wolfson

      You have an excellent list of tools here. I want to underscore the need for either a software or a hardware write-blocker such as Tableau, Weibetech or even low cost Acronis imager.

      Always, always, always work from a copy of the original. Making a bit image to a secondary disk drive is not expensive. Spoliation can be a BIG DEAL. Forensic professionals make mistakes, experienced technicians make mistakes but most of the attorneys and paralegals I work with day in and day out often don’t know even basic Forensic procedure. Many attorneys and judges do not know the impact of altered metadata, but more and more are learning.

      • LitSuppGuru

        Thanks for chiming, Paul. Yup, Tableau is already on the list above. I remember the first time I was told about it. It’s a cool device. Keep in touch.

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