Tools of the Trade – Dan Biemer Concordance CPLs

Dan Biemer is giving back to the litigation support community. He is sharing his Concordance CPL skillset. CPLs are scripts written in Concordance Programming Language that allow litigation support professionals to “extend” the use of Concordance.

Dan's website at has downloads for CPLs that he has created to help with litigation support tasks related to Concordance databases. I wish I had his skillset. I've never had the time to devote to learning it other than doing basic edits of existing CPLs. I am excited that Dan has chosen to share some really cool tools because he definitely knows what we need. He has been in litigation support for a long time.

If you remember my recent article about the new CPL from Meridian Discovery that creates a Concordance database from a DAT file, well Dan has a slightly different CPL that will help us when we have an existing database and a DAT file with a different field structure. It's pretty cool and I'm sure we will use it often.

Please join me in thanking Dan for sharing his knowledge and help me spread the word about his website. We can monitor his site for updates by following the RSS feed at “”.

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