Tools of the Trade – CPL to convert DAT to DCB

This Concordance CPL was launched on February 22, 2012 and I know that many of us in litigation support will find it useful. I have already used it several times.

During one of my positions on the vendor side, I met Valentina Brum. We didn't get to work together very long because she left the company, but we remained in touch. She eventually moved to California and joined a vendor out there.

Last week, Valentina posted a link on LinkedIn to her company's blog post describing the new release of this CPL. I immediately downloaded it and tested it. It worked great! As luck would have it, I had to create 3 Concordance databases from scratch last week because I only had DAT files.

Here is a link to their blog post that explains how to use the CPL. They have provided 3 CPLs, one for Concordance 8, one for Concordance 9 and one for Concordance 10 databases.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Tools of the Trade Guide

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