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In litigation support, we burn CDs and DVDs often. One of the tools we need is the ability to create label templates. The tool I have been using for years is called DesignPro and it is free software available from the company that makes all of the Avery labels.

The software is very easy to use. It can automatically populate both disk labels on one sheet or it allows you to have two different labels on the same sheet. After I create a template for a specific matter, I simply save the DesignPro file on the server. That way I have a record of what the disk label looked like and I can easily reburn another copy of the disk if needed.

It also has the ability to save different disk labels within one DesignPro file. For instance, if you prepare productions called VOL001, VOL002, VOL003 and VOL004, each of the disk label templates can reside within one DesignPro file using a tab for each volume. Personally, I open the previous volume's file and do a File, Save As because I like to store each volume's disk label file within the corresponding folder for that volume's data. I even change the file name of the label template to match the volume name for the disk.

The DesignPro software has a lot of features that we don't use in litigation support, however a paralegal might find them useful. The software can be merged with Word, Excel or Access data. It can generate sequentially numbered labels, like bates labels.

Here are some demo videos from the Avery website.

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