The Next Chapter

The Next Chapter

The way I see it, this is another exciting chapter in the book called “Amy’s Career”.  I have been mentoring people in one way or another all of my life.  I sincerely enjoy helping others realize what they are capable of and then staying in touch with them over the years afterward.

I have been working in the legal industry a very long time.  I have been involved in litigation support since 1996.  Electronic discovery entered the litigation world and in essence heightened the role of litigation support on the legal team.

Throughout my career in litigation support there have been numerous requests each year in our forums by individuals “raising their hands” and asking how they can gain entry into the litigation support arena.  No matter how the responses are formulated, I don’t think the requester ever gets the result they desire.

I endeavor to change that result.  I have the expertise in the field and I have the desire to mentor others.  There are so many facets to the litigation support role.  There are personal qualities that can contribute to succeeding as a litigation support professional, but there are also traits that don’t align well with this type of career.  I can identify both.

I want to give back to the litigation support community by sharing the knowledge that I have, as well as the knowledge of a few other select individuals, and finally give interested parties the opportunity to join the awesome litigation support community with a solid foundation.  Managers will be able to find new talent for their teams.

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