Table of UN-Contents

Table of Un-Contents

Since we have had so many websites pop up in our industry over the last few years offering education of some sort or another, I thought I would clarify what I do NOT intend this site to be.

  • NOT A SOFTWARE TRAINING SITE – There are many software applications used by litigation support professionals.  While I may touch on them, refer to them and maybe even show snippets of them, by no means will I be providing full fledged software training.  I have long time friends that love to do just that!
  • NOT A VENDOR REFERRAL SITE – I intend to speak generally about types of vendor services, but not single out any one vendor in a good or bad light.
  • NOT AN ELECTRONIC DISCOVERY TRAINING SITE – I intend to refer to electronic discovery only as it relates to the litigation support role.  There will be no mentioning of the latest case law relating to electronic discovery.
  • NOT A RECRUITING SITE – I intend to refer to the hiring process in general and I will probably continue to do what I have done over the past few years in helping employers find good people and matching up a job seeker to a prospective firm or service provider.
  • NOT A CONTENDER FOR THE POPULAR YAHOO GROUP – I will most likely have several forums related to this site but they are not intended to mimic the very popular and very resourceful Yahoo Groups for the litigation support community.

I DO intend to continue making referrals to colleagues that do provide these services.  If you are one of those colleagues and you're not sure if you're on my list, feel free to shoot me an e-mail to remind me.

    I am very passionate about helping legal professionals succeed. I even quit my day job to devote more time to mentoring! I want to encourage you to subscribe and join the LitSuppGuru community. I share humorous, informative, and time-sensitive emails above and beyond what appears on this site.

    Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are salesy, offensive or off-topic.