Tools of the Trade – TextPad

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One of the first tools I recommend to someone that is new to litigation support tasks is a text editor called TextPad. There are several text editors that have become favorites among litigation support professionals. Personally, I use both TextPad and UltraEdit and I prefer each of them for different reasons.  However, for someone just […]

Tools of the Trade – Snagit

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Snagit is a tool that I use on a daily basis, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are litigation support professionals that have never purchased a screenshot software application.  I was originally introduced to Snagit by a temporary employee that I hired for litigation support who recently held a position as a technical writer.  […]

Tools of the Trade – Unstoppable Copier

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One of the frustrations or constant struggles in our litigation support role is copying data from one source to another in the quickest way possible. We each have our little tricks and we are often trying different methods to see what works best in a given situation. As I mentioned in the article about Data, […]

Tools of the Trade – CPL to convert DAT to DCB

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This Concordance CPL was launched on February 22, 2012 and I know that many of us in litigation support will find it useful. I have already used it several times. During one of my positions on the vendor side, I met Valentina Brum. We didn’t get to work together very long because she left the […]

Tools of the Trade – Bulk Rename Utility

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One of the tasks that fills our day in litigation support is what I like to call “manipulating data”. One of the ways we need to manipulate data is by renaming a list of files. There are a number of scenarios where this renaming task needs to be completed, but the most obvious would be […]

Tools of the Trade – FileZilla

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One of the ways that litigation support professionals transfer data from one entity to another is the use of FTP (File Transfer Protocol). I know there is debate in our industry about whether or not FTP is the best choice, but in reality, it is being used on a daily basis. The forum for this […]

Tools of the Trade – Beyond Compare

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There is a recurring theme in many of the articles on this site and that is the fact that a major portion of our litigation support role relates to dealing with electronic data files. Many of the tools we use help us deal with the data in different ways. One of the tools that I […]

Tools of the Trade – Dan Biemer Concordance CPLs

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Dan Biemer is giving back to the litigation support community. He is sharing his Concordance CPL skillset. CPLs are scripts written in Concordance Programming Language that allow litigation support professionals to “extend” the use of Concordance. Dan’s website at has downloads for CPLs that he has created to help with litigation support tasks related […]

Tools of the Trade – Tableau

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In most situations where you need a forensic expert for a litigation case, you will hire a consultant. However, there are situations where it may make sense to do-it-yourself. Personally, there have only been a few cases where I felt comfortable doing this kind of work myself. Sometimes the decision is related to a client […]

Tools of the Trade – Avery DesignPro

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In litigation support, we burn CDs and DVDs often. One of the tools we need is the ability to create label templates. The tool I have been using for years is called DesignPro and it is free software available from the company that makes all of the Avery labels. The software is very easy to […]

Tools of the Trade – UltraEdit

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There are some tools that we use in litigation support that are similar, yet different. An example of this are the text editors we use. In a previous article, I referenced the TextPad text editor. Another text editor we use is called UltraEdit. Personally, I like some features in UltraEdit and others in TextPad. For […]

Tools of the Trade – FTK Imager

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During the data collection process, the technicians may use EnCase software to collect a forensic image of a computer. That Encase image data may land on your desk. Most of the time the Encase data will be sent to a service provider for extraction and processing. However, there are instances where you may need to […]

Tools of the Trade – Directory Lister Pro

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One of the tools that has been around for years in the litigation support field is Directory Lister Pro. This software is inexpensive and it provides a fast and easy way to generate a file listing of a CD, DVD, hard drive or a single subdirectory on a server. Although this type of file listing […]

Tools of the Trade – iConvert

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In Litigation Support, we work with database load files almost every day. The various types of text-based load files contain information about documents or file paths and file names that will link database records to corresponding images of the document. The databases are used by the legal team to review documents and categorize them during […]

Tools of the Trade – Hard Drive SATA/IDE Adapter

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In an eDiscovery litigation matter, there are instances where data is delivered to a litigation support professional on an internal hard drive. An internal hard drive is one that usually resides inside of a desktop computer or laptop and it connects to the computer via a SATA or IDE connection. This is not the same […]

Tools of the Trade – 7-Zip

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In litigation support, we share data with others. In fact, some might say that is the majority of what we do. In almost all instances, we have a fairly standard practice of “zipping up” the data. We have learned over the years that it is a good practice. In the old days, we first used […]

Tools of the Trade – AutoCAD Viewer

CAD Drawing
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Every once in a while, an electronic document collection will contain DWG files. These are AutoCAD files or CAD drawings that architects design. If the attorneys need to review these files, they will need special software. Years ago, I purchased a single user license of Autodesk AutoCAD software. However, eventually they released a free viewer called […]