Guru Quiz 4 – Litigation Support Game Show

This quiz is formatted like a Game Show.

The quiz can be attempted multiple times.

Lower the volume on your computer and then click here to begin the quiz.

Good luck!

PS – This quiz can be played on your iPad if you have this free app installed.

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    • Jose

      Fun fun fun! Thanks for the game.

      It didn’t let me finish but I only got one wrong! Ha ha

      • LitSuppGuru

        Glad you enjoyed it, Jose!

    • Erica Nantais

      Very fun tool for testing our knowledge. Thank you, Amy!

      • LitSuppGuru

        I miss you, Erica!

    • Angela Skeete

      My score was 71.11%, great game.

      • LitSuppGuru

        Excellent, Angela!

    • Rachel Cosgrove

      I got 100% — if this was the CEDS exam, I’d be pretty happy ! 🙂

      • LitSuppGuru

        LOL, hilarious. Good one!

    • Sheneika W

      Hi Amy,

      I scored 80% (I missed two in the “best practice” sections). Not too bad for a newbie .

      I really enjoyed testing myself. Please keep the quizzes coming!

      Sheneika Hurley

      • LitSuppGuru

        Excellent, Sheneika! Thanks for chiming in.

    • Lisa Crall

      That was a lot of fun, only got one wrong!

      • LitSuppGuru

        Glad you enjoyed it, Lisa! Thanks for dropping by.

    • Reth Sorn

      Oh wow cool game! I’m on the vendor services side and got just one wrong too 🙂 Definitely gonna apply for a lit support job now 🙂

      • Happy to hear you enjoyed the game and did so well. Keep up the good work.

    • Flaviu

      I’ll have to say. I thought I was going to tank, but i got 82.22%. Not bad for someone that is not even in the litigation support field. :).

      I did enjoy the game. And I’ll try some more.

    • Sara Fry

      Loved the game!