Litigation Support Homework 1 – Job Descriptions

For those of you interested in a career in litigation support, below is a homework assignment that will allow you to learn important information about the recruiting process for a litigation support position. When you are ready to begin applying for available positions, you will be reading job descriptions that each have a slightly different format or style and they will perhaps contain a piece of content that you are not quite sure about.


1. Locate one or more job descriptions for litigation support positions.

2. Read through them and find at least one line item that you don't quite understand.

3. Click on the link below and send me an e-mail that includes a copy of the line item that needs clarification and if necessary, describe your question to me.

Send e-mail with job description line item

I will provide clarification and/or answer any questions for all of the job description line items that I receive.

Due Date:



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