Litigation Support Guru Birthday

Happy BirthdayTwo years ago, on September 12, went live. It was also my birthday. I'll never forget how excited I was.

I would like to thank all of the people who have spread the word about Litigation Support Guru to friends, colleagues and newbies. I also want to thank those that left comments over the past two years which in turn increased the engagement.

Many people have sent me e-mails asking for advice. I have enjoyed getting to know some of you via e-mail, phone calls and lunches/dinners. I am here to help. Hearing from people all over the world has been amazing and I hope to continue to hear from many more going forward.

I feel very lucky to be in a position to help others. There is an educational gap in the litigation support industry and I have the honor of sharing my knowledge with people that truly appreciate it. I have been so touched by the genuine thank you's I've received. My heart smiles every time.

Happy Birthday Litigation Support Guru!


    I am very passionate about helping legal professionals succeed. I even quit my day job to devote more time to mentoring! I want to encourage you to subscribe and join the LitSuppGuru community. I share humorous, informative, and time-sensitive emails above and beyond what appears on this site.

    Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are salesy, offensive or off-topic.

    • Berlin Madison

      Happy Birthday and best wishes to you both!

      • LitSuppGuru

        Thank you my friend.

    • Jose

      Happy birthday and thank you for all the great information your provide. I look forward to your posts.

      • LitSuppGuru

        You’re welcome, Jose. Good to hear from you.

    • Lana Schell

      Keep on rockin’ it Amy! Imagine how many more people will touch in another 2 years!?! You have a wonderful gift and we are all lucky that you share it with us daily! Keep up the amazing work!

      • LitSuppGuru

        I am definitely imagining just that! Thanks for chiming in, my friend.

    • mgolab

      Congratulations Amy, this is a fantastic resource and I look forward to many more postings in the years ahead.

      • LitSuppGuru

        Thanks Matthew and I look forward to your wonderful and helpful comments from the Australia perspective of litigation support. I have really enjoyed getting to know you and a few others from Australia.

    • vladimirelie

      Congratulations Amy! Your commitment to serving others is inspiring!

      • LitSuppGuru

        Thank you Vladimir — that means a lot coming from you!