Learning Litigation Support [Free Resource]

Learning Litigation Support

There is a steep learning curve to learning litigation support. It is like entering another world. We have our own way of communicating. The technology references can be overwhelming. As I described in my article series “What is Litigation Support?”, there are many facets of the job.

In addition to learning the industry, the role of litigation support and the skill-sets required, there are personal traits that mesh well with a litigation support career.

I frequently receive emails from individuals asking me to tell them what they need to do to get a litigation support position. What steps should they take? They usually list what they have done so far and then ask me what should they do next.

As you can imagine, it is a broad question. However, most everyone appreciates me pointing them in the right direction. One person recently told me that I saved her hours of researching on the internet. She said I gave her a sense of direction from a trusted source.

Part of the problem is that you don't know what you should focus on, right?

Learning litigation support requires a lot of repetition. I also believe that it requires learning while using your critical thinking skills. Putting yourself in a real-life scenario, following a designed workflow or process, completing the tasks one way and then again in a slightly different way, having a seasoned litigation support professional nearby to help you if you get stuck, being able to mess things up and easily repeat the process or workflow without feeling the pressure of “breaking things” are all excellent ways of learning litigation support.

One of the topics that is prevalent in litigation support is the knowledge of databases. I wrote an article a while back entitled A Database is a Database is a Database. I emphasized that if you have a good basic knowledge of how databases are built and utilized, you will have a good foundation for learning any database tools in the litigation support industry. Have you spent time intentionally learning about databases? Here is a playlist of videos I previously shared with my readers. Watch them, take notes and make a list of questions where you need clarification.

Another requirement for a career in litigation support is a natural technical acumen. Are you comfortable with using technology? Are you comfortable with troubleshooting technology related issues? How do you know if you are? One way is to do a self-assessment or two, or three. Go to Google and search for these 3 words: computer skills assessment. Try out some of the self-assessments and see how you do. Take notes on questions you are unable to answer and research them.

In the interest of providing a sense of direction towards your goal of landing a position in litigation support, I created a checklist for you. Click on the image below.

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