Guru Quiz 2 – General Litigation Support Questions

There are 5 questions in this quiz.  The quiz can be attempted unlimited times.

Click here to begin the quiz.  Let me know how you do on the quiz or if you learned anything new by entering a Comment below.

Good luck!


NOTE: This quiz requires Flash.

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    • Philiphallquist

      Hi Amy:

      I just took the quiz. I did learn something! I didn’t know that TIF’s aren’t load files, and didn’t realize that Outlook Express uses a different file format than Outlook. Thanks!

      • Anonymous

        Excellent! As we always say in litigation support — there’s always something new to learn.

    • Blah

      Question two on Quiz 2 has all the answers marked as incorrect.  I selected each one after getting my first answer incorrect. 

      • Anonymous

        Dear Blah – interesting name your parents gave you. Please try again, there IS one correct answer, I promise.

      • Chseekell

        You have to click and drag the correct answer into the space after the question – took me a bit to figure it out

    • Philip Hallquist

      Ain’t that the truth!