Guru Quiz 1 – Terms and Definitions

In this quiz you will be able to drag and drop the puzzle pieces to match the Term to the Definition.  The quiz can be attempted unlimited times.

Click here to begin the quiz.  Let me know how you do on the quiz or if you learned anything new by entering a Comment below.

Good luck!

NOTE: This quiz requires Flash.

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    • Philiphallquist

      Hi Amy:

      This was kind of frustrating for me. I know about half the terms and definitions & was guessing the rest but when I click the ‘submit’ button I get the ‘You did not make the right selection’ message, so unless I get everything right I am not going to get a score, right? Please advise. Thanks very much!

      • Anonymous

        Good to hear from you Philip. I set the passing grade to 80% and I only included one question for this first quiz. I could (a) adjust the message to it makes more sense with this particular quiz and/or (b) lower the passing grade percentage. Thanks for the feedback — keep it coming. I certainly don’t want frustrated friends on this site.

    • Bowe

      Great quiz although you should take out some of the words as it makes it to easy to identify the acronym!  Very cool though and fun!  

      • Anonymous

        Glad you enjoyed it, Bowe, and thanks for the feedback. Actually, making it easier by leaving in some of the words was intentional on my part. I want to focus more on the learning aspect and less on stressing people out!

        • Bowe

          Well then great job!  Not only great content, but very well done by dragging the pieces.