Fast Tip Friday – Endorse PDFs Using Adobe Acrobat


During a litigation matter, there is often a need to produce documents in PDF format. This fast tip demonstrates how to endorse PDF files for production.

Download Sample Files

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    • Erica Nantais

      Great tip, Amy! Love your format- a few years ago, I had created written instructions on this with screen shots and it was several pages long- this is much easier to understand! I’ll now be sending people a link to this fast tip, too. One thing I would add, though, is to change the “Appearance Options…” in the Add Header and Footer dialogue pop-up to both shrink the document to avoid overwriting text and graphics and also keep the position and size of the endorsements constant when there are multiple page sizes in your set. The first option is a great help when there are little or no margins.

      • Hey Erica – Thanks for the reminder. I should have mentioned that button as an optional choice based on the documents you’re working with. I teach this in the Georgetown paralegal program and I usually describe that these options are available if needed. Good to hear from you!