Fast Tip Friday – Convert Doc Number List to Searchable Bates Numbers

Convert Doc Number List to Searchable Bates Numbers

This is an adaptation of an article posted on the Excel Esquire site. This scenario happens often in the middle of a litigation matter. Attorneys will make a list of relevant document numbers and only include the part of the number that is different. But in order for a paralegal or litigation support professional to run a search for the documents in a database, we need to re-format the document numbers.

For another example of concatenation, see my Fast Tip Friday tutorial entitled Batch Rename Using a Text File.

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Source: Ben Kusmin Esq.

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    • Very good, practical tip. After that exercise, I find myself concatenating the list of doc_ids with BOOLEAN connector(s), e.g., “OR” to create a workable search-syntax within Notepad++ or similar text application – thanks for sharing, Amy!