Excel is Our Friend – Transpose

  • Excel is Our Friend – Transpose

Excel is a tool that you need to master in order to work in Litigation Support.  Here is a tutorial to help you master Excel.





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    • Philip Hallquist

      Good tip Amy. Thanks!

      • Anonymous

        I’m happy you found it helpful.

    • Julie Zamarripa

      This is great; I use Excell all the time and never knew about this!

      • Anonymous

        Me too. I had been using and promoting Excel for years and just found out about this feature last year. That’s why I chose it as the first Excel tip to share.

    • David Carns

      Kind of silly how I never knew this until now! *bangs head on desk*


      • Anonymous

        I felt the same way when I learned about it.  My husband joined Litigation Support a few years ago and he figured there must be a way so he Googled it and then shared it with me.  Go figure!

    • Colette Perkins

      This is a great tip!  Thank you for sharing!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Colette. We never know what we don’t know, right?

    • Barbara Squires

      Thanks so much for this fabulous tip, Amy. You have greatly simplified my life!!! :>)