Data, Data and More Data

An interesting thing about Litigation Support is that our field would not exist if it weren't for “data”. Everything about our role relates in some way to data. I have an expression that I use to describe what we do and it is “Data, Data and More Data“.

To give you an idea of why I use this expression, a typical day in litigation support involves moving, copying, manipulating, loading, deleting, interpreting, duplicating, importing, exporting, creating, extracting or discussing DATA. We receive incoming data. We send data out the door. We even keep tracking data about the data.

We deal with small amounts of data and huge amounts of data. We work with many different kinds of data. We collect data. We run reports about the data. We produce data. We provide consulting around the topic of data or the issues related to a particular set of data.

Seriously, every aspect of our job revolves around data of some kind. It's funny to think about sometimes. What would we do if there wasn't any data?


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