Critical Thinking Scenario – Create a Nested Folder Structure – Part 2 [Free Resources]


Before reading this, you should complete the Google Form found in Critical Thinking Scenario – Create a Nested Folder Structure – Part 1. You can't really learn how to use your critical thinking skills if you simply look at the answers first, right?  😉

Scenario: Remember, our task is to create a nested folder structure for seven (7) custodians now and approximately 20 custodians in total.

User Poll: I am curious. After you read through the options below that I came up with, scroll back up to this section and let me know which option(s) you would choose for yourself, or if you came up with another option of your own.

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Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong answer here. That's the thing, there are always multiple ways to provide a solution. Here are the options I came up with:

FYI, I pulled together a zip file with a bundle of free resources that contains:

  1. A PDF worksheet that includes Part 1 and 2 of this discussion.
  2. A copy of the macro-enabled workbook I used.
  3. A copy of the batch file I used.
  4. All of the video tutorials.

If you're interested, click the image below.

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    • Rebecca Wood

      Amy, your teaching style is the best! It’s like…. walking by a bakery and smelling your favorite pastry… who in their right mind could walk by without wanting to indulge, beg for the recipe, go home and make a whole batch! Your ability and knowledge makes me hungry for more and, most importantly, enables me to bake it myself!!! For people like me, who realllllly want (or need) to learn, this world is a better place because of you!!

      • Wow, Rebecca, what a great smelling review! Ha! Thanks for recognizing my true goal of empowering others to be self-sufficient.

    • mgolab

      Very good Amy. A suggestion would be that there not be space characters in any of the folder names, instead use an underscore “_” or hypen “-“. Reason being that its easy to break a command line batch process when there are space characters in the path.

      Its an interesting conversation when inevitably a lawyer deletes something from the folder structure.

      • Excellent advice Matthew. In my experience, the legal team struggles to understand why we techies think it is important to name folders and files a certain way with regard to punctuation and sort order. So I tend to not force the issue if they insist on staying in their comfort zone. We pick our battles, right?
        And yes, inevitably, they will inadvertently mess up all the hard work of lit support or the paralegal by editing the folder structure afterwards. In fact, I have known some paralegals that starting storing their case related folder structures underneath their “home drive user folder” that only they have access to, in an effort to maintain control. I understand the impulse, but it becomes a nightmare to have disparate server locations for client documents.

        • mgolab

          Hah – I’m still in long term therapy on the home drive folder thing, so really can’t talk about it…..

          On a similar theme, we manage shared network folders on a large and long running matter that are offline copies of a sharepoint structure, which in turn is synched to ipads and tablets.

          We have a series of hyperlinked documents – say an affidavit or expert report – that cross references to folders and files in other areas, and so it is a delight when someone ‘tidies up’ in the network drive without telling you, then gets cranky when this isn’t synched to sharepoint / tablet – as the network drive is the staging area, so then we overwrite sharepoint naively thinking that we just need a simple update, and then realise that everything is fubar, and so you’re staring down the barrel of 2-3 days to fix it all – reason being that the person who tidied up can no longer remember what they changed and so you have to test each hyperlink and audit everything.

          Not quite the same level of love that I have for Excel files in ediscovery, but close enough.

          Back to therapy.


          • Oh my goodness, that is such a good example of what really happens in the world of storing client documents on a server. Too funny. But not in real life.

          • mgolab

            Well it is certainly funny in real life, just funnier if it happens to someone else.

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    • Elise,

      Hopefully you received my email in response to your question.