Dealing with a Difficult Litigation Support Client

One thing about working in litigation support, that might not be as much fun, is that we have to deal with strong personalities. For whatever reason, there are a lot of strong personalities working in the legal industry. I am not just talking about attorneys. It applies to paralegals, legal secretaries, and consultants too. Oh yeah, […]

Litigation Support In Your Pajamas

Litigation Support in your pajamas

“Can litigation support work be done from home effectively?” I received this question in my email inbox in response to my email: What Would You Ask?. It’s an interesting question. I know that there are differences of opinion about this topic. There are some management teams that embrace it and others that adamantly despise it. In […]

How Litigation Support Can Help Attorneys Make Informed Decisions

Technology and the practice of law are intertwined now. There is no going back. Attorneys are consistently being put in the position of having to explain to their clients the steps that need to take place (and the associated costs) with regard to the electronic documents before we can produce documents in the matter. The […]

5 Ways to Avoid Losing New Business in Litigation Support

In a law firm environment, when I refer to a litigation support client, the client could be an attorney or a paralegal. In a service provider environment, the litigation support client could be an attorney, a litigation support professional or a paralegal. Our clients are the ones asking for our help on behalf of their […]

10 Things NOT to Lose Your Cool Over in Litigation Support

Hopefully you will benefit from my many years of experience.  It is easy to get upset about particular situations when working in the litigation support field.  There are many times when I used to get frustrated in my younger years.  I’ve also seen some litigation support professionals that hold on to the negative energy too […]

How to Be Successful Working with Partners in the Firm

When a litigation support professional is in a situation to provide information to a partner in the firm, there are a few key strategies that will help make that exchange more successful. The partner is interested in the bottom line.  Convey your main points in a concise and succinct manner. Do not use fancy technical […]