Resource – eDiscovery Rules for Each State

eDiscovery Rules By State

It is a good idea to get familiar with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, especially as they apply to electronic discovery. In addition, each state may have their own eDiscovery rules. Below are three resources that have aggregated state-level information with regard to electronic discovery rules. Current Listing of States That Have Enacted E-Discovery Rules […]

Resource – Michael Arkfeld

Michael Arkfeld is one of the very first litigators that I began to learn from when litigation technology was in its infancy. Michael was a frequent speaker at the conferences I attended. He always impressed me with his style and his knowledge. I purchased all of his books over the years and I recently purchased […]

Resource – Blog by Ralph Losey

One of the resources that many of us in the litigation support industry follow is Ralph Losey. He is very knowledgeable about our world of litigation support and how we fit into the process of a litigation matter with electronic discovery. Ralph provides education about electronic discovery to attorneys and law students. He is an […]

Resource – The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM)

One of the resources that I would recommend to an individual interested in litigation support is a website related to The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). Almost 10 years after I began working in the litigation support field, the concept of The EDRM Model was launched in response to a major concern from many in […]

Resource – LitSupport Yahoo Group

One of the most popular staples of the litigation support community is a Yahoo Group called The Litigation Support List. Back in the old days, among our fellow colleagues, we used to simply call it “the listserve”. This is back when listserves were trendy and before Yahoo Groups existed. Lucky for me, the listserve was created within […]