Notice To Hiring Managers in Litigation Support

This message is directed towards hiring managers in litigation support at law firms, corporations or service providers. If you are reading this and you know of a hiring manager that falls into this category, please forward this notice. I have been spending a good deal of time talking to people that are interested in a […]

Litigation Support Employers and Your LinkedIn Profile

If you do not have a professional presence on LinkedIn, you are making a huge mistake. LinkedIn is for entrepreneurs and professionals. Aside from the networking component of the site, which I will save for a future article, it is no longer okay to be indifferent about your LinkedIn profile. Even if you don’t understand the […]

Focus and Practice to Prepare for Litigation Support

There is no quick fix or magic potion to becoming a litigation support professional. It takes time, focus, initiative and practice. It is difficult to understand how many different facets there are to the role of litigation support until you’ve actually done the job for a while. Unlike some other professions that are more concise, […]

Should Your First Job Be For a Service Provider or a Law Firm?

You have made the decision to pursue a career in litigation support. You have the task of convincing a hiring manager that you have what it takes. You have the ambition and desire. Your background may include technical skills or it may include experience in the legal industry or it may not include either of […]