Women Entrepreneurs

Running a litigation support department can be similar to being an entrepreneur. Many of the managerial aspects are the same. There is definitely a marketing component for both. Providing excellent service to our clients is not any different than running a business and retaining clients. There are even some litigation support service providers that are […]

Why We Should Encourage Others to Begin a Litigation Support Career

I was thinking the other day about how well things are going at LitigationSupportGuru.com. A smile came to my face as I thought about the people from all over the world that have reached out to me since launching the website. The internet can bring people together that never would have met otherwise. In fact, […]

Mentoring Students at Georgetown University

A few weeks ago I had the honor of participating on a panel at Georgetown University in Arlington, Virginia.  It was such a wonderful Saturday afternoon of mentoring.  I enjoyed answering questions, offering advice, hearing the students’ stories and sharing the entire experience with other seasoned litigation support managers on the panel. I am looking […]

What Do 2 Litigation Support Professionals and 1 Paralegal Have In Common?

I have a close friend, Diane, who has an expression that I really like.  She will refer to someone as “a good human“.  I have since adopted this expression.  Think about it — “a good human” — doesn’t that sum it up so well?  I consider it a huge compliment, wouldn’t you?  I would like […]