Appreciation of Significant People in My Life

Have you ever stopped to think about the significant people in your life? Do you find that you are so busy living your life, going through the daily, weekly, monthly routine of managing work and/or family expectations, that you sometimes neglect to acknowledge those significant people that have touched your heart in some way? Like many of […]

LitSuppGuru is 4 Years Old

I celebrated my birthday a few days ago. Four years ago, I launched on my birthday. When I reflect back on the past four years, I am proud of the impact this site has had on so many individuals. I have met some wonderful people that I would not have met otherwise. I have […]

My Lit Support Mate, Matthew


Two people. Both have worked in litigation support for many years. They live about 9,800 miles apart. They have a 14 hour time difference between them. They met online. No, not on one of those dating sites — they met because of this Litigation Support Guru site. One of the most wonderful things about starting this site […]

I Quit My Litigation Support Job

The Start of a New Journey

Have you ever felt destined for something else, but you are stuck where you are? For the last 3 years, I have been involved in what I have referred to as “my 4 jobs”. Job 1: Working full-time in a litigation support role at a law firm in Washington DC. Job 2: Working in a management position […]

Working in the Legal Industry, The Expectations [Video]

Ice skating rink - Dallas

It is Thursday. I am sitting in Dallas, in the Galleria mall, outside of Starbucks, with a view of the ice skating rink below. I am staying at the Westin Galleria. Interestingly, my husband is upstairs in the room working remotely, trying to get a production out the door. He works in litigation support too. I […]

Holy Overtime Hours

Holy Overtime Hours

One of the realities of working in litigation support is that there will come a time when a single litigation matter will literally take over your life. Hopefully it happens infrequently at your firm or organization, as in once every few years. It can be difficult to sustain this level of commitment for more than about […]

Listen Up! There is No J-E-R-K in the Word TEAM

Employee Disciplined

I get more and more irritated and bummed when I hear about another instance of “drama” within a litigation support department. It doesn’t have to be that way. The structure of litigation support teams can look like these examples: 1. The department is divided into teams within the same location. There could be a team […]

9 Instructors That Inspired My Litigation Support Career

In the beginning of my litigation support career I remember attending industry events, listening to the speakers and taking a bunch of notes. I was a human sponge, learning from people that were willing to put themselves out there as leaders in our industry. For those of you near my age, you might recognize some […]

4 Weeks with a Litigation Support Newbie

Last summer I wrote about my month with a litigation support newbie. It was my first time hosting a student intern from the paralegal studies program at Georgetown University. You can read that article here. Over the last year, Elizabeth completed her Project Management Masters program in Boston and then she took and passed the PMP […]

Litigation Support Guru Birthday

Two years ago, on September 12, went live. It was also my birthday. I’ll never forget how excited I was. I would like to thank all of the people who have spread the word about Litigation Support Guru to friends, colleagues and newbies. I also want to thank those that left comments over the […]

Dinner with Litigation Support Newbies

Last Friday I could just barely get through the work day. I was so excited. I was beaming all day. A few weeks earlier, I had arranged to have dinner with six of the graduates from Georgetown University’s eDiscovery/Advanced Litigation Technology/Legal Project Management program. David Carns and Kelly Holdcraft started the program in the 2011 Summer […]

Juggling Work, Life and Passions

We have established in previous conversations that the litigation support field can be demanding on our time and our stress level. I recently had a really bad week where I struggled to stay positive. My personal life, my day job and my passions all collided in negative ways. I am sharing my story because I know […]

A New Year in Litigation Support

Wow, we’re beginning another new year in the litigation support and electronic discovery industry. The good news is that the industry is still very strong and there are plenty of opportunities for newbies to join and thrive. I was lucky enough to take two weeks vacation at the end of the year. I am returning […]

Football and Litigation Support

Last week I was on the phone chatting with my friend, Shimmy (Shimmy is the guy in the video with me). We were talking about football and more specifically, I was talking about my Philadelphia Eagles. I was explaining to Shimmy that I am disappointed in my team this year because they are so inconsistent. […]

My Month with a Litigation Support Newbie

Whew! It’s been a busy and wildly fulfilling couple of months. I finished up teaching another semester at Georgetown University and I enjoyed getting to know the students in my class. I’ve also been spending time with the summer intensive students. These students jam a year long program into 10 weeks of full-time classes. About […]