Critical Thinking Scenario – Create a Nested Folder Structure – Part 2 [Free Resources]

SPOILER ALERT: Before reading this, you should complete the Google Form found in Critical Thinking Scenario – Create a Nested Folder Structure – Part 1. You can’t really learn how to use your critical thinking skills if you simply look at the answers first, right?  😉 Scenario: Remember, our task is to create a nested folder structure for […]

Search Query Success Tip [Free Resource]

Have you ever gotten frustrated running search queries against a database and it won’t find what you’re looking for? One reason for the lack of success could be that you are not aware of the “stop words” (also called “noise words”) in your particular database system. Over the years, I have had frustrated paralegals and attorneys […]

Learning Litigation Support [Free Resource]

Learning Litigation Support

There is a steep learning curve to learning litigation support. It is like entering another world. We have our own way of communicating. The technology references can be overwhelming. As I described in my article series “What is Litigation Support?”, there are many facets of the job. In addition to learning the industry, the role […]