Peaks and Valleys

When I first started in litigation support, the workload was fairly light and there was still uncertainty as to what services a litigation support professional would offer to the legal teams. As the years passed, the workload increased and the team grew. Several years after litigation support became a recognized role, the workload would either […]

Data, Data and More Data

An interesting thing about Litigation Support is that our field would not exist if it weren’t for “data”. Everything about our role relates in some way to data. I have an expression that I use to describe what we do and it is “Data, Data and More Data“. To give you an idea of why […]

Technology Can Get in the Way of Practicing Law

Litigation Support professionals assist legal teams with the technical aspects of a litigation case. Before litigation support or electronic discovery ever existed, litigators were practicing law every day for years. Back then litigation cases consisted of collecting hard-copy documents from the client as well as exchanging hard-copy documents with opposing counsel and filing hard-copy documents […]

It Depends

An attorney approaches a litigation support professional and poses a question. The litigation support professional will frequently respond with “it depends“. Why is that?  There are so many variables in litigation support.  Typically when we are posed a question, we then proceed to gather more information before we can answer definitively. The trick in our […]