Electronic Discovery – Blowbacks

In the electronic discovery industry, we deal primarily with data in its electronic form. However, there are instances where we receive requests to print the electronic documents to paper. The term we use for this is “blowback”. This term originated from the microfilm and microfiche industry. Typically, the electronic documents will be reviewed from within […]

Electronic Discovery – Spoliation

As a litigation support professional, one of our responsibilities is to make sure we understand the Do’s and Don’ts of dealing with electronic discovery. One of the issues we need to keep an eye on is Spoliation. Electronic documents collected, reviewed and produced in a litigation matter need to stay in the original condition throughout […]

Electronic Discovery – FamilyDate and FamilyID

Many litigation support professionals are processing electronic discovery at a service provider (or in-house) and then loading the data into a Concordance database. When an attorney begins to review the documents, one of the first things they want to do is sort the documents in date order. If they simply sort the entire database on […]

Electronic Discovery – Outlook Data Files

In terms of electronic discovery data, most of the e-mail we deal with comes from Microsoft Outlook. The server version of Outlook is called Microsoft Exchange. The client version is called Microsoft Outlook. Since most businesses are using Outlook in their course of business, we end up collecting Outlook data files most of the time […]

Electronic Discovery – False Hits or False Positives

In litigation cases, one of the primary reasons for creating document databases is so that we can gain the ability to search across all of the documents. Paralegals, attorneys and litigation support professionals will all perform database searches. Service providers will also perform searches at the request of their client. When the searches are conducted, […]

Electronic Discovery – E-mail, E-Docs, Loose Docs and Non-E-mail

When working with electronic discovery, there are a few terms that may seem very similar in name that we use in Litigation Support to describe electronic documents. They may also appear to overlap with each other because they actually do overlap in some ways. As I’ve mentioned before, in order to keep conversations about the data […]

Electronic Discovery – E-mail Chain aka String aka Thread

There are many terms that we use when working with electronic discovery. This term relates to the e-mail data. A conversation that takes place within an e-mail application is referred to as an “e-mail chain” or an “e-mail string” or an “e-mail thread”. The very first e-mail in a conversation is the beginning of the […]