Effective Use of Coding Panels

Effective Use of Coding Panels
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In our previous article we discussed Preparing to Begin a Document Review. In this follow-up article, we will discuss best practices for the use of coding panels in document reviews. We also continue with our theme of being effective and efficient. Every review tool includes a software feature we refer to as a “coding panel” […]

32 Logistical Best Practices for Managing a Document Review

The overall goal for a document review is for the document categorization to be as accurate/consistent as possible and for the review to be completed in a timely fashion. As a litigation support professional, one of my favorite project management tasks is managing a large document review. Designing an efficient workflow and process is key, […]

Preparing to Begin a New Document Review

Document Review - Prepare
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You have collected, culled, categorized, analyzed and still have thousands and thousands of documents left to review. The document review attorneys are ready and all that needs to be done is to determine relevance, privilege and confidentiality. Below we will discuss how to make certain you have prepared the review instructions and given the reviewers […]

Last Viewed Fields in Your Document Review Database

Searching for Documents

One of the best practices in Legal Project Management (LPM) is demonstrating to the legal teams how we techies can add value. We were having a team meeting related to a case that had a large document database in Relativity. The legal team had several concurrent sub-projects for this matter. The attorneys were teamed up to resolve […]