Search Query Success Tip [Free Resource]

Have you ever gotten frustrated running search queries against a database and it won’t find what you’re looking for? One reason for the lack of success could be that you are not aware of the “stop words” (also called “noise words”) in your particular database system. Over the years, I have had frustrated paralegals and attorneys […]

OCR Text vs. Extracted Text

OCR Text vs Extracted Text

Another topic when training a litigation support newbie is the concept of how we go about getting searchable documents for our document databases. One of the most important reasons why we provide litigators with document databases is to enable the legal team to perform searches across all of the documents in order to find the […]

Control Numbers vs. Bates Numbers


When training a newbie in litigation support, I always explain to them the concept of control numbers versus bates numbers. In order to create a litigation document database, we need every record (document) in the database to have a unique identifier field. The criteria for the contents of this field is as follows: 1. The value […]

Last Viewed Fields in Your Document Review Database

Searching for Documents

One of the best practices in Legal Project Management (LPM) is demonstrating to the legal teams how we techies can add value. We were having a team meeting related to a case that had a large document database in Relativity. The legal team had several concurrent sub-projects for this matter. The attorneys were teamed up to resolve […]