Case Study – Dianne Bonnet

Name:  Dianne Bonnet

Location: New York, NY

What kind of work were you doing before litigation support found you?

I was the manager of the Help Desk for 10 years.

How did you get the opportunity to join the litigation support community?

Due to my reputation at my local office, the CIO and Litigation Support Director approached me to form a Litigation Support department in our office since we were currently be supported remotely by the Washington office.

When did you realize that this career would be a good fit for you?

When I realized how marketable a skill this was and the opportunity the firm was affording me by trusting me with establishing this type of department in New York.

Do you prefer to be out in front and working with the clients or behind the scenes working with the technologies?

Both, but my strength is in customer relations and support so I don't shy away from interactions with our clients.

Is there an area of litigation support that had a steep learning curve for you?

Yes, the things you could not be taught that came with years of experience. Such as the knowledge a paralegal, junior associate, EDS specialist would have that I could not be taught – it would have to be obtained through experience.

What do you consider to be one of the coolest things about working in litigation support?

The entire litigation support process was amazing to me. I came from a Help desk environment where you did everything you could to accomplish the task-at-hand. When I transitioned to EDS, it was just the opposite – stop, don't do anything without thinking out the entire process and oftentimes the request can not be met because it would jeopardize the original data and metadata. Example: Viewing the contents of a jump drive.

Which types of employers have you had while working in litigation support?

  • Law Firm

How many years have you been working in Litigation Support?


Care to share any words of encouragement or advice?

It was scary, I wanted to turn back and go back to my previous position which I was well versed in but glad I didn't because having withstood the storm – I am proud that I was able to conquer it and feel more comfortable in the long run.





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