Case Study – Brad Lynch



Name: Brad Lynch

Location: Columbia, SC

What kind of work were you doing before litigation support found you?

I initially set off to be a computer programmer, so I began my career working for a well-known area software company. I started working in the mail department and delivered inter-office mail around the building. I also continued going to school to continue learning more about programming and data management skills and was trying to position myself to get a job within the company as a programmer. Unfortunately, I came at a time where the company was getting acquired by another company. Once the acquisition went through, they began to downsize and I ended up getting laid off.

Fortunately, my mail route took me through the legal department, every day, and I was able to make friends with the folks there. Since the acquisition occurred and because of other circumstances, some of these folks made their way back to an associated local law firm. When I started looking for a job, I put an application in at the law firm and was able to get a Project Assistant job with the same folks that I had gotten to know.

How did you get the opportunity to join the litigation support community?

While working as a Project Assistant, a very complex trial came up on the team I was on. The Litigation Support department began to assist with some technical aspects of the trial and asked if I could assist with some items. After all was said and done, they appreciated the help and asked if I would like to join the team. Since I had a technical background, I jumped at the opportunity to make that transition and help in a way that was more relatable.

When did you realize that this career would be a good fit for you?

After beginning in programming and developing those logical thinking skills, it became apparent that I would be using the same mindset in this career. I enjoyed all of the problem solving needed and the various day-to-day requests that continue to keep you on your toes.

Do you prefer to be out in front and working with the clients or behind the scenes working with the technologies?

I prefer both. I love getting out and about and meeting all of the folks I work with (including clients on the road). It means a lot to sit down and create a plan with a group and then watch it all happen. I’ve also been fortunate enough to have my fingertips on all the software needed to make the ‘magic’ happen behind the scenes. It’s a great feeling to have understanding and control over your work product and know that you are giving them exactly what is needed.

Is there an area of litigation support that had a steep learning curve for you?

The area that had the steepest learning curve was the networking part. I never really understood what it meant and being from a smaller market never put me in a situation of doing this very often. However, once you are able to share, question and inquire about ideas with like-minded people, your job can become a lot easier. Getting out to trade shows and local events can definitely open your eyes on how others are trying to get to the same end game as you.

What do you consider to be one of the coolest things about working in litigation support?

One of the coolest things would definitely be the smiles (and relief) that you can give to people. Whether it’s meeting a deadline or coming up with a quick solution, that’s something that never gets old and is one of the best parts of the job.

Which types of employers have you had while working in litigation support?

  • Law Firm

Litigation Support is a well-paying career. How much has your salary increased since joining the litigation support community?

$30,000 – $40,000

How many years have you been working in Litigation Support?


Care to share any words of encouragement or advice?

A little advice would be to show initiative with coming up with solutions. Sometimes a better idea is just a little thinking away. It’s also good to have an easy going attitude. Things will sometimes get difficult and how you approach the problem will determine how you come out in the end.

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